5 Ways to Strengthen your Wifi in 2022

strengthen wifi

With a rampant work-from-home setup due to the pandemic, many people and companies are relying on strong Wifi internet for business purposes, education, or just simply for fun. That is why there’s a great demand for the internet. But due to great demand, there is a decrease in bandwidth for the users. As a result, it weakens the internet connection leaving companies and their staff unproductive and frustrated. So, we release these 5 ways to strengthen your wifi in 2021.

Let’s dive in.

Reposition your Wifi Router

Placing your WiFi router in far corners may be the reason for your slow internet connection. If that happens, reposition your wifi router to the center place of your home and away from other obstacles such as doors, walls, and post so that you can connect to it anywhere you may want to work within your home or office. 

Also, don’t forget to put your router in higher places so that it will expand the signal visibility because if you place it at low places such as the floor chances are you will have weaker wifi coverage. 

Powerline Network Adapters

If repositioning your router isn’t solving the problem, the next thing you can do is to have powerline network adapters. What are powerline network adapters? These are devices that utilize electric wiring to transmit and spread communication signals. They are also commonly known as powerline wifi “extenders” because of their ability to extend the wifi to another room. You just have to plug in the network adapter close to your router and connect the adapter to your router thru an Ethernet cable. Through this, it provides a stronger internet connection between your router and device. As a matter of fact, if you use adapters you can increase your wifi up to 1300 MBPS. 

Improve Your Passwords

This is the simplest tip to strengthen your WiFi but this is one of the most common reasons why your connection is so slow. As we have mentioned in our other blog articles, hackers are always around, they can be just a stranger or worst, your colleague. With that, you need to have a strong password or at least change your password every once in a while. 

You just have to log in to your router’s admin page by inputting the router’s IP address in the browsing area and use a default username and password to sign in. Select WPA2, click password and change your password. 

PS. don’t share your password with everyone, share it only with people you trusted. 

Switch to 5GHZ

Another way to address your weak Wifi connection is to make sure you have set your router frequency to 5GHZ. You may have overlooked that you have choices of 2GHZ and 5GHZ because 2.4GHZ is not good for a crowded channel.

Contact your IT Services Provider

Your last but the best resort is to call your IT Support and Services Provider. You may think it will cost you a fortune to avail of their services but with their expertise, you can save time and money. Consider this scenario, you may lose thousands of dollars because of a failed transaction online due to a slow connection. To avoid this from happening, contact your ISP. Your ISP can offer you plans that fit your budget. Also, they diagnose not only your WiFi problems but also other problems that may have caused your internet’s downtime. 

Final Thoughts

While you can fix WiFi problems and set a solution for it within your home or office, unfortunately, you can’t do provide the best solution for it without expert advice from your IT Support and Services Provider. That is why it’s always best to consult for expert advice from IT experts from reputable IT Support Companies in Los Angeles such as ZZComputer who has been in the industry since 1989. Contact us for more information and we’re ready to solve your problems.