Business Backup and Data Recovery Los Angeles


From power blackout, natural calamities to cyberattacks, anything can happen when you least expect it to happen and it might cause great loss of profit. With that, getting professional data recovery services are a great way to secure not only your business but also your profit.


When a threat strikes, there is no time to waste. Everything should be recovered and ensure great backed-up systems are working. That is why ZZ Computer offers secure data recovery services in Los Angeles just for your company and your customers to make sure that you can overcome whatever threat or disaster comes in your way.

And if you’re one of the companies that have existing cloud-based systems and different retrieving apps, here, the ZZ Computer’s IT experts in Los Angeles will assist you in reviewing to check whether your current systems are capable of data storage in case a disaster might happen in the future.

Business Continuity Plan as a Managed Backup

At ZZ Computer, we develop a customized business continuity roadmap to gauge how your data can be accessed and stored. We do this by tailoring a business continuity plan and following our 7 proven & tested steps in creating BCP as a managed backup system so that you can still focus on what you do and continue business ops even during disruptions.

1ST STEP: Develop the contingency planning policy statement

Having a formal policy in place provides the foundation necessary to create an effective contingency or continuity plan.


2ND STEP: Conduct the Business Impact Analysis

The BIA supports the organization’s business processes by identifying essential information or essential components.


3RD STEP: Identity, Implement, and Maintain Preventive Control 

These proactive initiatives decrease the chance of disruptions and increase system availability.


4TH STEP: Create Contingency Strategies 

A detailed business continuity plan ensures that the system is recovered quickly due to excellent backing systems.


5TH STEP: Develop Information System Contingency Plan 

This plan outlines the detailed procedures for restoring a disrupted system for quick recovery when disruption happens.


6TH STEP: Ensure plan testing, training, and exercises 

Testing is important to ensure that the process is functional. Also, staff requires training and regular exercises that prepare them for the effective execution of the business continuity plan.


7TH STEP: Ensure plan maintenance 

Business Continuity is an ongoing process and requires frequent updates, with ZZ Computer we assure you that such maintenance is guaranteed to the highest quality.

Why get ZZ Computer’s Backup Data Recovery Los Angeles?

Affordable,Fast, & Flexible

ZZ Computer’s Backup & Disaster Recovery Services give you affordable, fast, and flexible business continuity solutions that best fit your company and needs.

We also offer a real-time retrieval of your important data no matter how large or small. We make sure your data is secured by continuously backing it up with our systems and processes.