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ZZ Computer is a full-service provider of IT consulting Los Angeles focused on Los Angeles businesses. Of course, our company will give you the same level of service regardless of whether you are based in Orange County or a more remote region of California. Our primary company emphasis is to provide medium and large businesses with best-in-class IT-managed services, including high-quality IT consultation. This includes both IT management and computer support functions.

We offer tailored, cost-effective consulting opportunities, whether you require part-time onsite IT consultancy or prefer a fully supported remote-based consultant relationship with ZZ Computer’s highly experienced advisors to help your Los Angeles business make the most of its IT systems and allow your business to reach its full potential.

What You Need to Know About IT Consulting Firms

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ZZ Computer provides comprehensive IT support and consulting guidance as well as a range of other managed services for Los Angeles-based businesses and the greater California area.

Whether full-blown ITSM (IT Service Management) or partial-service management, our IT packages cover all bases. We can provide all services related to vendor management.

Our Los Angeles-based IT team has a proven history of providing cost-effective consulting solutions for small businesses to large companies that make a real impact on performance. So your business will be able to get on board quickly without sacrificing quality or capacity at a reasonable price.

The full range of IT business consulting and IT services are completed with our attentive managed IT services requests which we accept 24/7. Our full package includes things like advanced network configuration, business IT analyses, data loss event support, local Los Angeles support, advanced IT consulting, digital strategy implementation, and more valuable IT services.

The Cost of Inefficient IT Systems and poor Vendor Management

The worst move a business can make is not keeping up with fast technological advancement. If you aren’t using the most suitable software, hardware, cyber security, data management, cloud transformation, and IT infrastructure development tools, then you are probably not going to stay in business for very long. To guarantee your customers have a great experience optimizing all of these elements is essential.

Only by having great IT systems in place can you maximize profits and employee productivity. Investing in managed services is a no-brainer when you consider the influence it will have on daily operations and the impact it will have on your ROI.

Technical Support and Consulting Company with Foresight

Most IT support companies and IT consultant firms don’t offer a complete cloud and on-site consulting solution. ZZ Computer’s IT consulting Los Angeles is matched with our onsite presence, managed IT services, and remote monitoring of critical data to provide Los Angeles businesses with a complete IT Support solution. We offer remote-based IT services for clients, we are flexible in whichever way your business needs. It is vital that in case of a technological emergency, you have an in-house IT support team that can rush in and save the day. Time is money, as they say, and we are fully dedicated to minimizing any of the effects of any technical glitch.

ZZ’s Los Angeles IT consulting company uses the latest tech and IT procedures to make sure that we offer the best IT services to help large and mid-sized business reach their business goals in the Los Angeles area. We do this by maintaining awareness of technological advancements, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, and hiring only the best consulting and IT teams. Our mission as a company is to give services that our clients rave about.

IT Consultants Los Angeles, CA

As the leading IT service provider for any business in and around the Los Angeles area, we offer comprehensive IT and consulting services within a strategic framework to help customers make informed technology decisions to meet their goals, resolve technical issues or take advantage of opportunities, examine potential upgrade paths, and determine the feasibility for IT projects.

Our team takes the time to build lasting relationships with our clients. We tailor our services to business needs in order to propose advanced solutions to meet business objectives. No matter how big or small a job is, all our clients get the leading managed IT support services available.

Passionate IT Consulting

Most IT consulting Los Angeles companies employ customer support with little tech experience, we only hire IT consultants that can handle any technical issue a business might have. We have also taken care to make sure that we have a support team that has an array of IT specializations. We have team leaders that are exceptional in a range of our services, including cyber security consulting, cloud computing, critical data management, strategy consulting, disaster recovery, advanced networks, and various other IT fields that a business might need.

IT Implementation

Are you looking for more effective software or do you need to update your current business’ IT department to implement modern digital solutions? ZZ Computer has the technical expertise to support you in this daunting transition. If you know that a change is needed but aren’t sure about which path to take, we can provide you with proven solutions to meet your business goals and then make sure everything runs perfectly.

We offer complete project management and support of IT schemes in Los Angeles and beyond. We understand that business technology investments require thorough planning and expert implementation to realize the desired benefits and ensure long-term value for your business.

Whether you’re looking to expand your IT capabilities or simplify your systems, we can tailor a plan to meet your specific needs and budget.

IT Resilience

Companies under 500 employees face a unique set of challenges. They need to be able to protect their data and applications from just about any type of issue, but they often don’t have the resources of a global enterprise. This is where the predictable costs of IT resilience can level the playing field.

IT resilience is built through the adoption of a set of tools and applications that will automatically take action to protect data and apps from just about any type of issue. This means that mid-sized businesses can focus on their core business goals, safe in the knowledge that their data and applications are safe.

Ensuring that your company can recover in case of an outage is key to keeping it in business. A disaster recovery plan needs to be custom-made for each Los Angeles customer’s specific technology; also, our IT-managed services can ensure your entire network has everything it needs to ensure business success.

IT Compliance

Our IT consultants can ensure that your business is staying on top of all of Los Angeles’s latest technology laws and regulations to avoid penalties or other serious consequences.

ZZ Computer’s experienced consultants are all ready to meet your business needs with tailor-made support plans focused on reducing the time and resources required to deliver the best possible service to all Los Angeles industries.

Our flexible options enable our clients’ businesses to get started quickly, keep costs down and still enjoy the quality results they expect from their IT consulting firm.

Why You Should Choose Us For Cloud Services and IT Consulting in Los Angeles

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With a team of highly-qualified IT consultants, we offer the best cloud services, innovative technology solutions, and an exceptional level of customer service and consulting in Los Angeles CA, and the greater California area.

We can help you improve your business’ flexibility by overcoming the limitations of keeping everything on site. Your business doesn’t need to be weighed down by technical considerations. ZZ Computer is here to manage every aspect of cloud computing and data integrity.

Our comprehensive range of managed services ensures that your advanced network is fully supported.

How ZZ Computer Helps Los Angeles Businesses Go to the Next Level

  1. Via the Digital Strategy of their IT Consulting Firm Division
  2. Specialized Cloud Services and a Vast Array of IT Managed Services

With a team of highly-trained IT consultants, we offer the best cloud IT services, innovative technology solutions, managed services, and an exceptional level of customer service and tailored IT consulting in both the Los Angeles area and to businesses further away.

In addition to all these IT services, our customized digital strategy consulting ensures that your business reaches its full potential and has a long-term plan. We can help you review the current technologies and together form the best plan of action for a cost-effective implementation within your company that causes as little disruption to your business as possible.


Are you overwhelmed with planning and managing your IT roadmap and digital strategy? If you are, hiring a virtual CIO or getting CIO Service that streamlines your technology roadmap will help you gain the unfair advantage you always hoped for.


Today, the majority of companies find it difficult to plan for their digital and technical roadmap, especially these days when building a brand within the digital world has become an essential step for every Los Angeles business.

As a result, companies that fail to adapt to the changes are likely to crash because of not stepping up with new marketing and sales techniques within the online world.

With that in mind, ZZ Computer offers advanced CIO & IT Consulting Services that help you not only with the creation of your digital strategies but also give you the most useful consulting guidance or consultation that will make you equipped to rise above your rivals effortlessly.

WHY Work with IT Consulting Companies?

virtual CIO

Virtual CIO/ CIO SERVICES – Virtual CIO is a remote-based Chief Information Officer that acts as a traditional CIO, except that a Virtual CIO is cheaper because you won’t need to hire him for a full-time position. You may either charge him an hourly rate or a flat fee, whatever works best for you and your business.

Additionally, if you get a Virtual CIO or our CIO Services through ZZ Computer, the availability of 24/7 support is a guarantee. A Virtual CIO may also provide the best technology decisions for your business growth plan. You will have a more in-depth digital strategy and a more detailed outline for any advanced network needs.

ZZ Computer’s CIO Services will perform an in-depth assessment to formulate the best plan and build up the foundation of your operations so that you can make the best decisions for your technology and digital strategies.


Other IT Services Offered by ZZ Computer

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery to Cloud Service

other it services

As a part of our managed service, we offer a wide range of cloud solutions for your business advanced networks with:

  • Cloud Data backup
  • Cloud Data migration
  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Server Virtualization
  • Disaster Recovery services

We make it our priority to ensure Los Angeles business continuity, optimize IT resources, and reduce downtime from a data loss event.

Microsoft Exchange Email Hosting

Part of our IT services is Microsoft Exchange email hosting, which offers reliable and secure email management.

Hosted PBX Phone System

We help your business needs in communication with Hosted PBX Phone System that offers businesses the convenience of flexible telephony at a reasonable cost.

Cyber Security Managed Services

Your business and company’s network security protocols are only as secure as the people who access them, so they should not be taken lightly.

We provide comprehensive managed services, aligning cyber security protocols and strategies with penetration testing to safeguard your critical data, network privacy, and protect your company from any cyber attack and potential cybercrime. Our Managed Cybersecurity will also safeguard your company and business advanced networks against common cyber attacks.

Managed IT Services Provider That Cares

ZZ Computer is an IT-managed services provider company in Los Angeles. When we are in charge of another organization’s IT operations, we take it very seriously, and that is yet another thing that distinguishes us from any other services firm. As an IT consulting firm, we have not only developed a full package of IT services for our clients, but we make sure that our managed services are delivered to an exceptionally high standard. If a company is not happy with the results, we aren’t happy.

Consistent monitoring, on-demand IT support, and problem resolution are all part of this. These IT services provide more assistance than traditional IT services because they include resources such as IT implementation and strategy consulting.

How to get Started with ZZ Computer, IT Consulting Los Angeles

Our dedicated consulting and support team of experienced consultants is ready to listen to what IT services you think your company would benefit from. Your unique business needs will be the torch that lights our journey together.

With access to the most visionary technologies, our Los Angeles-based IT services and IT consulting can give your company all the IT solutions it needs.

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