Hardware as a Service (HaaS)


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We just don’t sell, we give you excellent IT Hardware Services and Solutions that best fit your business and needs in order to succeed.

Keeping your IT hardware and infrastructure up to date can be daunting. Moreover, finding leads or clients, managing the operations and meeting deadlines, etc, these are the things that most companies are battling with their everyday business operations.

Now, how can ZZ Computer help?

While most IT companies are selling the latest and advanced hardware, ZZ Computer listens to your goals and anticipates the essential things that you should get to achieve success before diving to the selling stage. Not only that, but we also offer IT Hardware Support, Network Cabling Services, Structured Cabling, and IT Office Relocation Services. In fact, our Los Angeles IT specialist will make it all possible for you.


We are an IT company that provides full-service IT solutions and advice with the expertise of our IT experts and specialists. Also, we are a results-driven team that focuses to generate great results for our clients by helping you get the Hardware that works best for you and your company. When you partner with us, you can get a top-tier service plus exclusive benefits.



The great thing about hiring ZZ Computer for your IT hardware services and solutions is this: You just don’t get the best hardware, we will provide you with helpful IT advice and techniques for today and the years to come.

We help you get the best hardware.

Our main goal is to help you make the best buying decisions for you, your company, and your customers. That’s why we have an IT HARDWARE SUPPORT. We first assess your needs and problems and then after that, we’ll help you manage your options. We will connect you to our top vendors and hardware service providers to get special offerings and discounts from them.

We provide software installations and downloads too.

Don’t forget the software. One thing that can make your new hardware great is the software within it. To that end, we procure hardware products and software licenses at the same time when you purchase our hardware services. Also, we offer tutorials and demos of many software products.