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Maintaining a productive work environment for businesses of all sizes becomes incredibly challenging when the network and computer performances aren’t at their best. Some business owners may turn to their employees to address the company’s technology needs. In contrast, others turn to slow-managed IT-provided services from companies with poor security management and a lack of responsiveness.


That’s where ZZ Computer comes in. We are one of the top managed service providers (MSP) in Los Angeles, CA. We understand the need for safe, efficient solutions for technology-based business operations. Our team has ample technical expertise in information technology, cloud platforms, digital security risks, and more, which we will use to keep your business running smoothly 24/7.

ZZ Computer is a Los Angeles managed services provider that offers some of the most reliable and robust IT services to businesses in the Los Angeles area. As a business owner, you need the most dependable Los Angeles managed IT services offers that are scalable to adjust to your business growth.

An in-house IT department may be sufficient for a while. Still, as the company meets its business goals, the IT team may become overwhelmed with meeting scalability demands and assessing advanced security risks.

Whether you’re delegating IT service tasks to employees or burdening your current IT department with increasing business needs, you risk reducing your business’s productivity and efficiency. A partnership with ZZ Computer means you will have the Los Angeles managed service provider you need without drawing on-site workers away from the tasks you pay them to perform.

Our goal is to give you the support services you need to help you boost your business endeavors. We provide comprehensive coverage over IT platforms that speak directly to your business needs as your provider of managed services Los Angeles.

Managed Services Provider

One of the advantages of working with managed service providers is that we help fill in the gaps. You no longer have to rely on your busy staff to handle IT responsibilities because we do the work for you.

Our Los Angeles-based managed services include constant monitoring. Instead of waiting for problems to strike, we take a proactive approach to help Los Angeles businesses learn how to prevent failures and performance issues within their IT framework with the following:

Security Consulting Services

Cybercriminals constantly create new, innovative ways to infiltrate networks and steal sensitive information. As a managed service provider company in Los Angeles, ZZ Computer ensures that your business remains secure against all security threats.

We offer everything from next-generation firewall and intrusion prevention system installations to advanced data backup services. As a provider of managed service los angeles, you can also count on us to educate you and your team on the best digital security practices to reduce security risks.

Infrastructure Services

Reacting to IT infrastructure issues like inadequate data storage and unreliable networks is time-consuming. As one of the best-managed service providers serving Los Angeles businesses, ZZ Computer offers exceptional IT infrastructure solutions that focus on performance, availability, and security.

Our colocation services allow you to migrate and extend your essential IT infrastructure to data centres in California, Texas, Nevada, or Washington with flexible options and prime cost savings. You retain complete control of your physical servers and cloud data while renting space in our facilities.

While renting space for your computing software in our facilities, we ensure that you have the on-site digital security and power sources you need to keep your business fully operational.

You can enjoy the benefits of running applications with public cloud technology and keep some services in-house or on a private cloud platform. We also offer hybrid cloud services for businesses of all sizes. The hybrid service allows you to conduct your business as needed without sacrificing your compliance, security, and performance requirements.

Our skilled team will routinely monitor your cloud platforms, applications, and inter-networks to ensure that they perform at optimal levels. Our application management will help you determine which business processes are more suitable for alternative infrastructure platforms and provide efficient migration strategies.

Networking Services

With technology becoming more interconnected each day, businesses often need help managing complex networking systems with growing security demands. Self-managing a mix of internet providers, network equipment, firewalls, and network vendors can lead to poor connectivity and incompatible services and devices.

A computer network provider company can bring a harmonious balance to your networking systems. We provide businesses with a broad range of managed internet options to get your teams together regardless of location.

We also provide proactive monitoring services for networks. The ZZ Computer team will monitor the performance of your network and devices in real-time and provide immediate computer support if a problem arises.

Disaster Recovery Services

Unexpected problems can occur at any time. For a business, that could mean losing critical data necessary for daily operations and meeting goals.

ZZ Computer understands the importance of data, so we offer disaster recovery services that include a recent data backup. With our 24/7 network monitoring and troubleshooting services, you can rest assured that your business can quickly pick up the pieces after a disaster strikes.

Live Support Services

ZZ Computer service providers work closely with each client in Los Angeles. Whether you have a question or concern for your managed IT provider, it’s reasonable to expect a live help desk response.

Our support team is always standing by to address your needs. Customers can contact us by calling 1 (310) 421-9444, using their Support Agent, or using their Self-Service Portal online.

Why Choose Us as Your Managed Service Provider Los Angeles

ZZ Computer is a Los Angeles Managed Service Provider supporting computer systems since 1989 (est. 1992). We provide comprehensive business-managed provided services and business IT support. Our managed services spectrum can handle all IT consultations through system integration.

ZZ Computer is the best Managed and IT services provider in Los Angeles, CA and Orange County. Our mission is to provide customized managed  provided services to small and medium-sized businesses. We strive to improve accountability and service levels so our clients can quickly meet their goals while using our next-generation management tools and technologies.

The ZZ Computer leadership has over two decades of experience in providing managed IT to global and industry. Our vast knowledge and hands-on technology experiences give us a competitive advantage over other managed service providers. We design our MSP los angeles to reduce management overhead and eliminate complexity in IT services, giving our customers peace of mind about their business’ efficiency, security, and reliability.

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