11 Types of Cyber Hackers & How they Destroy Business

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Today, hackers and the malware they use have expanded. And if you are not careful enough to know them and learn their hacking attacks and methods you might end up having no business because these hackers will destroy your business at anytime. So, today we’re going to discuss the 11 types of hackers and how they destroy businesses, particularly in Los Angeles.

There are only 3 known types of hackers in the managed IT support industry, the white hat, gray hat, and black hat hackers. But as time goes by, the world goes on globalization. As a result, the 3 famous hacker types are also growing with modernization. While other hackers’ colors are not yet fully known by many, these unfamiliar hacker colors describe the methodologies and characteristics of such hackers.


Colored Hat Hackers

White Hat

White hat hackers are professional hackers in terms of cybersecurity. They usually work for governmental organizations by literally hacking their systems. But this hacking is for a good cause. They hack their systems to conduct a test to determine what needs to be improved. Through this way, it will increase their chances of not getting hacked by evil ones. They are also known as ethical hackers.

Gray Hat

The gray hat is a hacker between white and black hat hackers. They work with good and/or bad intentions. But what is the difference between white hat and gray hat hackers? The difference is that while white hat hackers do hacking privately, gray hat hackers do it publicly in order to expose strategies to black hat hackers.

Black Hat

Black hat hackers are known as unethical hackers because of their bad intentions. Their purpose of hacking is to conduct a cyber attack in order to gain money, steal identities, or just simply destroy systems.

Green Hat

Green hat hackers are those hackers who are learning different strategies of hacking and their purpose of learning such thing is to become professional hackers in the future. Usually, they are learning from veteran hackers.

Blue Hat

Blue hat hackers are almost the same as Script-Based Hackers. But they differ with their intentions. The intention of the former is not just to get attention but it is to seek revenge. They have no plan to hone this hacking skill, only to seek revenge. And they are considered wannabe hackers.

Red Hat

Red Hat Hackers are likely the same as White Hackers but the only difference is that their purpose is to stop black hat hackers by attacking the latter’s hacking tactic and replacing it with a new system to prevent black hackers. Red hats are also ruthless because they destroy black hats’ computers and their malwares.


Other Hackers

Script Based

This type of hacker is amateur in their field. As a result, they usually hack with guidelines through scripts from their co-hackers. And the purpose of their hacking is not really to steal or gain something but only to get the attention of other people. The best example is hacking someone’s Facebook profile.

State/Nation Sponsored Hackers

This type of hacker is appointed and sponsored by their State or Nation to use their expertise to gain access to other country’s confidential information. Having access gives the country a chance to avoid future dangers.


They are called Hacktivist for a reason. They hack the government’s system as a way of posing themselves as an activist. They can be from an association of hackers and activists or simply just an individual. The information they access is used for their political or social gain.

Malicious insider or Whistleblower

This type of hacker is an individual employee in an association who exposes confidential information with the intent to conduct illegal activities due to their grudge with the said association or organization in which the individual is part of the staff.

Suicide Hackers

From the word “suicide” these hackers do not care if they go to jail or worst, they’ll be killed. For as long as their purpose is to accomplish, they will risk everything including their lives.


Final Thoughts

The reality is, anyone can become a hacker for as long he has the access to the internet. That is why securing your business’s confidential information and website is essential because failure to do so might cause you more harm than you ever think, and worst it will destroy your business. Allow some Cybersecurity experts to do the fighting and protect your business from all types of hackers.

If you want to prevent hackers, contact us and we’ll help you avoid and destroy them before they destroy your business.