5 Reasons Why IT Support Improves Digital Wellness

digital wellness

According to the statistics from HubSpot, there are about 3 million people around the world use social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Another statistic is that video is the most used media in terms of advertising. And there are about over 90% of Internet users spend time on YouTube.

Further, the majority of the people spent almost 70% of their media time on digital devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Due to these alarming statistics, we wrote this article for you to ensure that you are observing digital wellness.

What Is Digital Wellness?

Before discussing the 5 reasons how IT Support improves your digital wellness, let us discuss on what is the meaning of Digital Wellness.
Like health and fitness, digital wellness must be practiced. It is the quality of your life within the modern and technology era.

Through digital wellness, you prevent yourself from having unhealthy habits such as too much use of gadgets or long hours of facing the computer.

Further, digital wellness characterizes the person’s responsibility of using technology in a healthy manner like balancing offline and online life.

How IT Support helps improve your Digital Wellness

1. We Help Limit Screen Time Through Email Hosting

The most obvious solution is limiting screen time. But, how can this be possible?

With IT Support’s help, we offer programs and apps that help you reduce your workload such as having Microsoft Email Hosting for small businesses. If you choose to have email hosting, you will never have to check your email every second or worse the whole time.

Through this, you are able to track down your email and it helps you with the management of newsletters and subscriber lists. Moreover, you can set up email marketing. This is the most effective way to ensure lead conversion and brand awareness among your target market.

2. Allow Yourself to Switch Off with Virtual CIO

At the height of the pandemic, 70% of US employees worked from their homes.

While there are amazing benefits of working remotely, this also has some bad effects. The majority of the people are having a difficult experience of separating home time from work time. Others are also not good with the set up as it gives them almost all their time spending in computer and other gadgets that causes some health side effects.

To ensure this won’t happen to you, we have a Virtual CIO or Chier Information Officer working remotely for you and your business. Virtual CIO creates and streamlines your IT roadmap and digital strategy so that everything is easy and automatic every time you work. For example, we will install a program that helps you track your inventory and business income. Through the help of Virtual CIO, you allow yourself to switch off from all the gadgets and technologies.

3. Limited Virtual Meeting & Video Call Fatigue

While the meeting is an essential way to make sure everyone in the team are having one and clear purpose. It must be remembered that too many virtual meetings cause fatigue to your staff.

So, we provide another solution for this, and that is to get Management IT Services from a renowned IT Support in Los Angeles such as ZZComputer.

Management IT Services is a 6 in 1 plan. This means that you get almost every IT tools that help you manage your business effectively during this pandemic. This 6 in 1 plan includes:

All of these offers assure you that virtual meetings aren’t that a needed thing because everything you do requires less effort because we make sure that anything you need is within one platform. If you want to know more about this offer you may want to contact us now.

4. Consolidate & Reduce Online Communication

Workers today are bombarded with messages in their emails. This causes failure to achieve productive results due to difficulty in focusing on one task at a time.

According to a statistic, 2/3 of workers are struggling to accomplish tasks due to an increase in receiving and sending messages that cost a lot of time.

The best solution from this struggle is to consolidate all messages and communication to one platform.

The best example is to use such as Slack, Microsoft Team, or Monday.com. These apps allow instant notification and group collaboration. It notifies the right person for an easy and faster accomplishment of a task.

5. Promote Digital Wellness By Outsourcing other tasks

While we wish you to have digital wellness, promoting digital wellness to your company is also important. Your company must be a safe haven for your employees not just for work but also for their mental health and this includes balancing offline and online life.

The most effective way is to outsource other workloads.

Although it’s tempting to look for cheaper things, when it comes to taking care of your staff, it’s essential to think of them as a person and not just merely a worker for you.

And one way is to outsource those things that they are unqualified to do. Pushing them to something they aren’t good at will just frustrate and overwhelm them. Choose the best task for them which they will excel so that they will be an effective source and contributor for your company’s success. Just like IT tasks, it’s best to outsource them to an IT expert.


Do you have an in-house IT team? If not, do you often outsource this IT tasks? Then, if still not, contact us so that we can help you right away.

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