How To Make Work From Home Successful with IT Services

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Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on our lives, including our working setup. With that, ZZ Computer, an IT Support & IT Services in Los Angeles is here to tackle the things you need to consider before you dive into a working from home setup.

IT Services in the time of Pandemic

As Covid-19 is sweeping the world, non-essential business’s workforce was forced to leave their workplace and use their home as their means to generate income.

Some companies were prepared and already had staff that worked from home or alternate location and they simply expanded this technology to the rest of the company staff. Many were not prepared and all of sudden found themselves locked out of their workplace and unable to communicate with their clients to sell their goods and services.  

Unfortunately, this lock-down could be extended for months or years, and as everyone knows the trend points to more frequent Pathogens in the future.

That’s why ZZ Computer has heavily invested in the “Work from Home” model for many years and has extensive knowledge in technologies to link “Work from Home” possible with productivity and security in mind through IT Support and IT Services.

If you would like to know more about it please contact us and let us show you how to “ENABLE” your company to operate remotely.

However, to give you a heads up, here are some of the technologies and IT Services involved:

4 IT Related Things To Consider Before Transitioning To Work From Home

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1. Cloud Migration

In this time of pandemic, cloud migration has become an essential part of running a business. Since going out has become a restricted so as to prevent the spread of the virus, people are obliged to stay at their homes, to the point that they are encourage to continue working from homes. With that, cloud migration has been implemented by IT Services company.

But what is Cloud Migration and why it’s important?

Cloud Migration is the task of moving physical servers at the primary office location to a hybrid cloud so applications and data can be accessed effortlessly from anywhere even at home.

2. Security

As time goes by, Security is more essential to any business since employees are working from home and not under the shield of the local office Firewall and other security appliances. Every business needs to connect to its clients at one point or another. Hosted PBX (VoIP) are phones that can be used either in the office or your home. An employee can have a phone at the office, another phone at his or her home. Depending on the employee’s physical location, he or she can pick up the incoming call on either place and even on their mobile phone in case they are not near their assigned company phones.

3. Productivity

Since the employees are working from home, the employer needs to know if the employees are working on assigned projects and are productive. Monitoring tools enable a company to have full visibility of an employee’s productivity and how they use their time while they are working on assigned tasks.

4. Social & Economics

“Work from Home” has forced many companies to think twice about continuing to lease expensive commercial real estate if the concept of working from home was a success. Companies also find that some of their employees are a real asset, but once they are among peers in an office space, they may not function as well due to many factors that depend on the individual or company policies. Yet, that employee is at his or her best if it is working from home. Covid-19 also pushed many companies that were thinking about moving their business model to their home if it works. ZZ Computer can help your company on every step of the way to transition your workforce from commercial office space to your home! 

Final Thoughts

When looking for an IT support company, try to follow these tips, and you will indeed find an IT professional that can effectively manage your issues and provide a sense of substantial assistance for your company. Remember that investing in a great IT specialist and services makes you ahead of the game. So, if your business is somehow located in Los Angeles or near L.A., contact us or drop a call, message, or book an appointment with us. Together, we can help you achieve success despite this pandemic.