8 Ways on How to Gain Traffic on your Website

ways to improve website

It takes 8 seconds to attract your readers. And in those first 8 seconds of reading the meta description via Google, they’re already thinking whether they will continue to visit your website or not.

In fact, according to some studies, the average attention span of a person is 5 to 8 seconds. This means that it is very crucial to attract your readers right away as many factors affect their decisions.

If you fail to make an impact, customers will likely proceed to look for another or bounced back to exit from your website.

That is why today ZZ Computer will discuss ways how to increase traffic on your websites with the help of an IT Support Company in Los Angeles.


1. Gives the Best User Experience

Who doesn’t want to see a great design website? No one!….

But no matter how great the design is what matters the most is the functionality and fast loading of your website. Visitors of your website always prefer a website that offers smooth navigation that makes their user experience easy. If the website’s design is built from a user’s perspective it will give them the interest to convert easily from a mere visitor to a loyal customer. 

2. Mobile- Optimized Website

In this generation, many people are using their mobile devices instead of their PC. So, every business needs to have a mobile-optimized website.

What is mobile optimization?

“It is the process of designing and adjusting a website to guarantee that the visitors who access it through mobile devices can have the best user experience based on the mobile device’s view.”

In other words, mobile optimization allows the website to have a smaller screen and font for efficient reading when used on small devices such as mobile phones.

3. Excellent Page Speed

While the best user experience is the number one key to more visits, excellent page speed is essential to ensure the best user experience. We’re pretty sure that no one in this world would want a loading page. Everyone is in a hurry so people prefer those sites that have excellent page speed. But, what are the reasons that your site has slow page speed?

There are many reasons and these are the following:

  • Unoptimized images: One of the most common reasons why you’re site has slow page speed is because of high-resolution images. High-resolution images can consume lots of bandwidth while loading.

TIP: So it’s best to optimize images by checking the file size and making sure that it doesn’t go beyond 1mb.

  • Unclean Code: Another culprit of slow page speed is unclean coding. When you create websites, you must make sure that there are no excessive white spaces, empty new lines, and inline stylings because these can make the website’s stylesheet increase in its size. When its size grows larger, it slows down your site.

TIP: By removing worthless elements, you will be able to reduce the file size and improve the page speed of your website. If this tip seems to be very techy, you can always contact an IT Service provider based in Los Angeles.

4. Call to Actions

One thing that you should never ever forget is to put a specific “call to action”. Why is this important?

This is a very important step as it guides your customer on what they “should do” for them to convert as customers/clients. By having a call to action, such as “Buy Now”, Let’s get started”, “Shop Now”, etc., you’ll likely not just get them to view your site but also increase your sales.

5. Include social share and follow buttons

Another way to increase your chances of getting people to visit your website is to include social share and follow buttons. This technique is effective because the majority of all digital users including your visitors/readers are present on almost all social media websites. In fact, there are about a 220million social media users in the US. That is why never forget to apply this technique to increase traffic on your website.

6. Use the right image 

When you choose the right image for your website’s content, you’ll make your content easy to understand to your customers with a lasting impact on them. But, why is that?

By using the right image you will likely attract people to view your site because people are visual creatures. We, people, prefer something to see than just mere letters or words. And because of that, websites that use the right images will gain more traffic. But aside from being easy to understand, using images is also very easy to share most especially through social media sites.

7. Create Informative Content

As marketers say: “content is king”. And that is true for many companies because good content will bring you success. A great example is Neil Patel. He is a famous SEO expert that builds his empire through SEO strategies. And one of the strategies that he’s been using all the time is “blogging or creating informative content”. Through blogging or creating informative content, Google will tag your site as relevant and suggest your site. With that, you’ll rank higher on Google search engines and eventually gain more visits.

8. Focus on SEO

To people not familiar with SEO, it means Seach Engine Optimization. In other words, this is a type of marketing technique that digital experts use to make sure their sites are ranking higher on Seach Engines. By focusing on SEO, you allow yourself to perceive user interest and intent, and through that, you’ll be able to make content that brings impact on them.

If you make an impact, they will never forget you and they will become not just mere visitors but also your loyal clients.



If you really want to gain more traffic to your website, don’t just limit yourself to the above-mentioned tips. It is still best to consult for an IT expert that has experiences when it comes to website services and design. Everything you read about in this blog is just a sneak peek at how you’ll address your concern for web visitors or traffic. The real work relies on an IT expert that is knowledgeable on what you really need for you to gain more visitors.