Which is Better? Managed IT Services or In-House IT

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It has been a great discussion for companies on which is better, to hire Managed IT services or In-house IT Support?

Before providing you with answers, did you know that companies that avail outsourcing service get an ROI of over 25%?

With this percentage, it is obvious that the better option is Managed IT Services. However, ZZ Computer gives you the pros and cons of working with Managed IT Services and In-House IT Support, so that you can get a birdseye view of what it’s like to work with both.


  • 24/7 SUPPORT

One thing that makes IT managed services better than in-house IT is the ability of the former to provide 24/7 support. The majority of the IT companies offer this 24/7 support because they have teams that can work on calls. So, this means that managed IT services can fix any issue even after hours whether it’s late or not. System failures are common and cause disruptions to your business’ operation, so being able to solve or fix those problems can immediately ensure you that anytime it can be fixed preventing you from downtime. 

  • Pro-Active Maintenance & Management

A common scenario of IT service is that it only provides IT-related services when there’s something to fix or break. But the great thing about a managed IT company is that it gives you proactive maintenance and management such as system monitoring, adopting the latest apps and technologies for business advancement, and many more. 

Through proactive maintenance and management, you prevent future disruptions from happening. Also, it gives a better user experience for your team and clients that help you continue your business ops without a fuss. 

  • Easy Access to new technologies and apps

According to a study, there is about 74% of companies outsource IT and the reason is that you can hand over entire business functions to instantly expand your company’s skillset such as high-tech services. This means that by availing of their services, you’ll be able to get new technologies and apps that bring the best out of your business. No need for you to learn how to download or avail of those trendy techs, you just have to pay a plan and then, you can have those techs and apps that every company wants. 

  • Highly Cost-Effective

The best advantage of managed IT service or support in Los Angeles is that it is cost-effective over in-house IT.


Based on the latest study, companies can save up to 55% IT costs when choosing to avail or outsource IT. And the reason is that managed IT service or support companies offer you a fixed price per month or year. Also, with their wide range of connections, they can give you affordable hardware and software products for your business. 


And although managed IT services and support can give you the best advantages for your business, there are still things that you should be aware of. And these are the following disadvantages:

  • Lack of Knowledge with the Company

The lack of knowledge of the inside and out of your company might confuse both of you when there’s no proper communication. 

But this can be avoided through proper communication through meetings and orientation. And while this can be a disadvantage, this disadvantage can also be a good thing because you can assure that they won’t have any personal agendas to your company. 

  • Unsecured

The most common reason why clients avoid getting IT services from an outside provider is that the fear of being “hacked”. But if you just hire reliable IT support providers, you won’t have a problem getting one. Just make sure you hire a managed it support that has been in the business for quite some time. 


  • You can pick the person you hire

The advantage of in-house IT is that you can choose the person you want to work with. If you’re meticulous in picking the right person then this is really an advantage. But it’s not a guarantee that such a person performs best.

But, it is noteworthy to remember that with Managed It Services you can still choose the people you want to work with or request someone you like with a certain project. As a matter of fact, you can talk with them to get to know them better.

  • You have extra control over the person

Another advantage is that you have full control over your IT goals and functions. This means that you can choose the software and type of programs you want. But the downfall is, you’ll also suffer the consequences in case it fails.


  • Expensive

Not only is overtime pays are of burden but also working with in-house IT is also more expensive. You pay for their training, government-mandate benefits, hiring & onboarding cost, and payroll expenses.

Another great problem is that the more your company grows, the greater the need to hire another IT specialist to work with your current IT staff.

  • Overtime Pays

One of the obvious disadvantages of in-house IT is that you might pay for overtime pays and no 24/7 support. Reality speaking, IT staff can only work with you during working hours. Working outside the typical hours is an additional expense.

This means that if something goes wrong during late hours, you are obliged to give them overtime pay.

  • Limited Resources

Another disadvantage of working with in-house IT support is that you will have minimal access to resources such as technologies, discounts, and knowledge. There’s a saying that more is better. And it’s true because when you’re working with Manage IT services, you’re working with a team. Unlike the in-house IT support, you’re only working with one or a few. This means that there will be limited access to knowledge and experience. Also, when you hire a team, they have their own set of ready tools with them to make sure they can give the best service to you.



Right now, you may be confused on what to get, managed services or in-house IT? The answer is always based on what you really need. But if you ask us on what’s the best choice when it comes to affordability, expertise, and trusted cybersecurity — it’s managed IT service.

If you want to know more about our services you may want to contact us by clicking here or clicking the “let’s work together” to avail our services.

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