Quality Performance

Our family has used and relied on ZZ Computer for the past two decades. We are in our 5th generation of computers sold to us for a great low price, loaded with many extras we enjoy. When a previous system bought through another vendor crashed it was ZZ that saved the day, retrieved our data successfully and built us a new unit. When our home needed a wireless environment for 5 working computers, Ron came to the house and for a nominal fee set up each unit to the router, set up our emails and printers. It has worked successfully ever since. We have bought towers and laptops and trusted their work always. In an environment of computer businesses that come and go in the market, we learned to rely on Victor, Ron and Michael to help us with all of our computer needs and they have provided quick and effective service via emails or calls when something is encountered that we don’t know how to address. We will continue to buy all our products through ZZ Computer because we can rely on their work and service. In the business world, my responsibility included getting networks and computers running and databases built for operations, so I have had to deal with many IT people. ZZ Computer people have been the most reliable and consistent in their quality performance.