ZZ Computer’s Microsoft Exchange Email Hosting for Small Businesses provides organizations with secure enterprise-grade access to email, contacts, and calendar. Our hosting keeps your devices synchronized to maintain consistency when updating and sharing email, calendar events, and contacts among multiple devices. We ensure your small business receives leads, inquiries, appointments, and address book. Complement this email hosting with our PBX Phone System to complete your communication and collaboration system.
The cost associated with purchasing, hosting, and maintaining an in-house Microsoft Exchange Server and Services has forced small to medium sized companies to re-think the practicality of owning their own Exchange Server. Even large corporations are re-evaluating the expense of continuous upkeep: spam filtering, virus detection, and upgrades that are necessary when you operate and in-house Mail Server, or POP/IMAP email account.
Never worry about a lost mobile device, or a disgruntled employee. If you ever need to delete sensitive email data, our Hosted Email Exchange administrators have the ability to remotely remove your email from any mobile phone. Our dedicated and experienced hosting team is ready to take your call.
For just a few dollars a month per user, your organization can have the very same features and capabilities enjoyed by Fortune 500 companies.
Some of the features we offer for our email services are:
  • Unlimited per mailbox
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, and Anti-Malware filtering
  • Secure Encrypted Email
  • Global access to your email, calendars, and contacts
  • Public File Folders
  • ActiveSync
  • 24/7 IT support
  • Redundant servers
  • Professional expert setup, support, troubleshooting, and maintenance services



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Basic Package
per mailbox
1 Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Account
Webmail Access from Any Web Browser
Public Folders
Smart Phone Synchronization