How to Beat the Complexity Problem When Getting Managed Security

complex managed security

There are advantages and disadvantages to Managed Security IT services. And one of the most common tackled disadvantages of Managed Security is that its ability to get complex.

How can complexity be a problem?

When your technology has become complex it might be hard for you to get the best out of your business. This means that you cannot properly use or set up your projects, data, and information on your tech devices due to its difficult process. And this is the most common scenario for those who just hire someone from their company to set up managed security services.

On the other hand, managed security’s complexity has its advantages. Managed Security will allow you to ensure the protection of your data and business information that you wouldn’t want to get hacked.

As a matter of fact, managed security gives holistic security from threats and hackers. You may think it’s kinda expensive but we, ZZ computer, can offer reasonable pricing for you.

Uniting Security and Cloud Systems

In the IT world, data security becomes a necessary element of a company. Data security is always paired or joined with a cloud system to centralized all data and information to a system source. However, many of the security risks from cloud systems are not caused by the system itself but because of human negligence or error. 

Cloud configurations are the most common problems that cause harm to the sensitive data of every company. As a matter of fact, according to IBM and Ponemon Institute, data breached always happen for nearly one-fifth of data breaches they have encountered. 

Now, the question is: how to beat complexity problems when availing managed security?

1. Confidential Computing

Confidential Computing encrypts data that can be concocted in limited memory access in order to ensure data confidentiality. This is a concept that is specifically useful for public clouds or clouds with many users. 

Moreover, confidential computing allows you to focus on software and hardware-based security against security threats and risks that can be compromised. This confidential computing has always gained popularity in terms of business priorities because it increases the chance of getting a sense of security upon your confidential business data or information. 

2. Build Comprehensive Cloud and Security Strategy

Another way to beat the complexity problem of managed security is to build a comprehensive cloud security strategy that expands your processes and defines or makes clear guidelines for all cloud resources. 

In this way, every work process will be organized and there will be fewer possible threats. 

3. Choose the best IT Architecture

To ensure that technology complexity won’t affect your managed security, it is best to select the best IT architecture. What does this mean? It means that identifying your sensitive data and ensure that your privacy policies are well-placed, including those hardware tools. Also, it’s best to review your current technical problems and goals. And through these, you create your IT Architecture or IT planning in terms of the right positioning and wiring of your technologies. 

Remember, with excellent IT Architecture or planning, technology complexity won’t affect the processes. In fact, everything will be easier for you. 

4. Partner with an experienced IT Services Provider

This may sound cliché but nothing beats the importance of partnering with an experienced IT Services Provider such as ZZ Computer. 

Partnering with an experienced IT Provider is crucial because, with a very technical problem, you wouldn’t want anything to end up into a waste of money if your security problem won’t get resolve. 

That is why it’s better to choose expert in cybersecurity service that has been giving IT Services to Los Angeles Companies. 


To beat the complexity of managed security and other IT-related services, it’s best to apply the given tips above. With that, you don’t only beat its complex process but also get a better chance of being successful by having a protected data and information and speedy business processes.