8 Surprising Benefits of CCTV Camera to your Business

cctv system

During these times, CCTV or the closed-circuit television has become an essential part of every business not only in the Los Angeles US but all over the world. And if you wonder why and how, let’s dive into this article as we’re going to discuss it here. 

But before anything else, we are going to tackle first what it really means when you use a CCTV camera installed by an IT Services Company in Los Angeles.

About CCTV Camera

CCTV, a video monitoring device or system enables a person to check around a business because this system has cameras and a computer monitor that allows any person to see the ongoing happenings right to your homes, offices, and/or stores. Another great thing about this system is that it allows you to record and save the footage for future use.

Now, here are the 8 benefits of CCTV Cameras as IT Managed Services for your business in Los Angeles…

Let’s dive in!

1. Prevents Crime

The very reason why entrepreneurs and business owners wanted to use CCTV systems in their offices or stores is that it deters crimes such as theft or robbery because CCTV cameras may make the thieves decide that it’s better to “not cause a theft” due to the fear of being caught in the camera footage. 

A research study found out that CCTV helps in decreasing the crime rate. Also in one report, it was found out that 70% of burglars had an unlawful entry to front doors. With that, it is best to put a camera on the front doors. 

So, to make CCTV installation easier, you may contact us- ZZ COMPUTER. 

2. Peace of Mind

If you have a CCTV System, it gives you a sense and feeling of “peace of mind.” 

In fact, if you want to check your office or store, you don’t need to go there, with just a few clicks you can check it anytime, anywhere, and in real-time 24/7. 

3. Cost-effective

Compared to other security strategies, a CCTV system is the most cost-effective type of security. Once it has been installed, it is so easy to manage and use. You just have to make sure that you’re looking into your screen from time to time or review the footage when something suspicious happens. 

Other than that, the CCTV system is long-lasting, provided that you take good care of it and of course with a little guidance by the IT Experts such as the ZZ COMPUTER’s experts.

4. Serves as Monitoring System

Another great thing about CCTV is it can be your monitoring system.

What do you mean by that? This means that not only it deters crime, but it also lets you check customer and employee-employer transactions. For instance, if a customer tells you that he doesn’t receive his change, you always check your CCTV footage to ensure that he’s really telling the truth. 

5. Ensures Outside Security for Both Employees & Customers

Not only CCTV protects your store and people from inside, but it also gives security for both employees and customers outside the premises. When installed outside like parking areas, this system can record anything suspicious surrounding your store. By recording, you can always prevent danger as soon as possible. 

6. Can Help Avoid Legal Claim or Frauds

One thing that entrepreneurs wanted to avoid is the costly legal expenses from frauds and untruthful claims. 

There are times that a business is being legally sued due to an alleged incident, accident, or other illegal acts that happen in your office or store. 

By having a CCTV system, you can have evidence to prove what really happens at that moment. 

7. Great Source of Evidence

When it has been established that a crime is committed either within your place or the outside, the footage is the best source of evidence. Not only you can find the suspect but you also can help maintain safety within your area or location. 

Most of the time, courts review CCTV in order to determine either the suspect or the acts done based on the complainant’s testimony. 

So, with the presence of CCTV cameras, it’s not only beneficial to you but also the general welfare of the public.

8. Increase Sales

You may not experience this, but actually having a CCTV camera in your office or stores can give you a better chance of increasing your overall sales and profits. By having cameras, you can easily check the purchasing behavior of your customers. Also, you can have a view on the existing problems such as “unwelcoming staff” or store defects. 


Are you worried about your office’s security?

If yes, we suggest that you install a CCTV system. If you have questions, you can always ask us and we provide guidance, free installation, and long-term commitment with you. 

If you would like to know more about a CCTV system, get in touch today by contacting us online.