4 Worst Data Backup Mistakes that You Should Avoid

back up mistakes

Data Backup Systems are now essential to every company. However, few companies have not seen its importance. For some, it’s a luxury instead of a necessity. But the question is, can you resume business operations although there is data loss? 

If your answer is NO, then this article is for you.

Disclaimer: Although backing up is really helpful for you and your customers’ businesses, not all backup implementations work great. Some become your worst nightmares due to their very technical features that require a lot of effort. 

That is why we asked our backup vendors and customers about the experience they have encountered and heard about the worst data backup strategies. 

So we list the 4 worst backup mistakes that should be corrected.

1. Manual Data Backup

The very first thing that you should get straight is “don’t rely on your memory when doing a manual backup”. It will be much better to automate the process because reality speaks that a manual backup process cannot beat an automated and advanced one in terms of consistency, speed, and quality, especially security. 

Further, when you solely rely on your memory you are preventing yourself from focusing on things that matter the most like your business goals. You will surely be much better off when you avoid worrying about little things such as backup systems. 

The best thing about a professional data backup system is that it allows a way to backup all files through scheduling and also syncing. In fact, ZZ Computer – a Managed IT Services Los Angeles offers a Data Backup & Disaster Recovery service. We streamline the backing-up processes and plan just for you. 

2. Not Backing Up Regularly

Another worst mistake is not backing up regularly. We don’t want our data and files to be lost, right? 

So it perhaps helps if you set up an automatic system that does that work for you anytime and anywhere you need backup or not. Because the truth is, we don’t always know what are things that should be saved and erased when you’re in the heat of the moment. It will always turn out that you only remember to backup your data once it goes missing. 

3. Cheap Data Backup System

If you’re going to choose a cheap data backup system make sure that it truly provides the backup platform that you need. Because the majority of these cheap systems don’t have the full replication of your files. Instead, they have the file-syncing and snapshots feature only. 

While both are a great addition, these cannot be your entire backup solution. You must go for a Backup System that has software for backing up and re-editing purposes only. It would also be great if you have a separate storage area for the restoration and saving of your important files.

Suggestion: If you want a reliable Data Backup System – Try ZZ Computer’s Data Backup & Recovery service.

4. Not Having a Backup Plan for your Backups

You are now all set with your Data Backup System but if you want assurance, you must have a Backup Plan for your backups.  

This means that you cannot solely rely on one system, as much as possible try to have other backup systems because what happens if your dedicated system dies? All your data die too, right? 

So, to prevent this from happening, try to avoid doing a single-point backup system, instead, try other things because threats may happen anytime.

To have a backup plan for your backups, contact ZZ Computer– the IT Services Company in Los Angeles. We streamline the recovery processes based on your needs. 


If by any chance you found yourself cringing now because you’re guilty of these bad backup habits, don’t worry. It’s okay to make mistakes. What is not okay is not recognizing those mistakes. And remember, don’t stay there, change your ways of backing up your data and contact ZZ Computer– we create a personalized backup process for you!