About ZZ Computer

ZZ Computer is a privately owned IT consulting firm and system integrator since 1989. We have provided a variety of robust technology solutions to more than 12000 customers. We have provided onsite and managed services in many fields such as legal, medical, apparel, insurance, finance, manufacturing, retail, engineering, education, real estate, government and hospitality. Our goal is to rectify existing technology challenges that faces any company and find a cost effective solution to further advance the business productivity of our clients. ZZ Computer provides an array of products, solutions and managed services across multiple technology platforms with a high degree of professionalism, integrity and outstanding customer service.

We provide a variety of robust technology solutions.

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Why Choose ZZ Computer?


We do 5 things better.

  1. We Guarantee under one hour Response time. Our computer gurus will answer or resolve most of your technology issues in under one hour remotely. If there is a need for an onsite visit, one of our specialists will be immediately dispatched to your location to evaluate the issue. No ifs, ands, or buts!
  2. We will assess your network & backup free of charge! Before you hire us, we evaluate your network and go over your backup solution and service you have in place. We will then identify any potential risks (if any) and give you a comprehensive plain English assessment of our findings and our recommendations.
  3. We Speak your Language. You will get a clear answer every-time from every-one. No “Geek-Talk”.
  4. We Guarantee our work. We are confident in our ability to deliver high quality service that meets and exceeds your expectations.
  5. Our Business Continuity & Business Disaster Recovery is best in class, period. With the use of this technology we are able to have your server up and running within a few minutes. Regardless of the problem, if it is a virus infection, human errors, or loss of the site/building/equipment, we guarantee our results.

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