4 Helpful Tips in Choosing the Best VPN for you


Nowadays, according to a recent study the cybercrime industry is set to be worth more than $10 trillion by 2025. With that, it is very crucial to consider protecting your data to ensure safety and security.

Also, privacy nowadays is hampered by the numerous tactics of every website while you’re browsing the Internet. That is why using and choosing the best Virtual Private Network can help you maintain security and prevent cyber threats. But, some people don’t know how to choose the best VPN for themselves and their customers. So, we’ve created a guide to help you choose a VPN. 

1.Stay away from FREE VPN

Free VPN may sound great, right? But in reality, it isn’t as beneficial as you think. The majority of the free VPNs are not of great help because of their limited features. 

As a matter of fact, a lot of free VPNs promised you to secure your personal information and data by keeping your browsing history private. However, they don’t protect you. Allowing you to use their VPNs for free might sometimes mean that they sell user’s data hampering your privacy instead of protecting it. 

free VPN” might sound great, but the truth is that all companies need to make money to cover their costs. Some free VPNs do that with ads, some by selling their users’ data. Sometimes free means slower connection speed and fewer features.  

2.Make sure it’s compatible with your devices

Another common mistake is that users fail to assess whether their VPN is compatible with their devices or not. Because most of the users skip the assessment stage of VPN and devices, they end up paying for VPNs that aren’t suitable for their devices and their actual use. 

To learn about VPN compatibility, you must check the manual of your router. If there’s no available manual, you may search it online. Simply search for the router’s name and type VPN compatibility. 

To know more, you also ask our IT experts- here. 

3.Consider VPN’s home provider country address

Another thing to consider before you purchase a VPN company’s service, you need to know the latter’s home country because its location may affect or compromise your privacy. The laws controlling such VPN can oblige them to get and store data to their authorities. With that, it’s essential to know first where your VPN is from.

4.Review the Privacy Policy

With regards to the privacy policy, most VPN providers promised to have no logs. However, this isn’t the case. In fact, they at least keep your records or logs to maintain their service better. But there are instances where you want to keep everything private. That is why always ask and review the privacy policy of your VPN provider before availing of their services.

5.It’s always best to ask an IT Specialist

Now, the best part and also the most forgotten step is “asking an IT expert.” While many people can search for anything on the internet, it’s always best to ask an expert in a specific field. By asking, you will be guided on the needed steps and strategies you should make to ensure business security and growth. 


If you want to know more about VPN, don’t hesitate to ask an expert. And you can always talk to us or contact ZZ Computer, an IT Los Angeles Company, about your IT concerns like VPNs and many more.