With Business Disaster Recovery and computer backup services from ZZ Computer, you will have the peace-of-mind to assure that your business will continue operation if any unforeseen disaster strikes.
When was the last time you or your IT specialist checked to see if your data backups are retrievable? Did you or your IT expert attempt to restore the files and data that you thought were backed up on your server, only to discover that critical files are missing. Unfortunately, a lot of small businesses and companies overlook the importance of business disaster recovery, and securing their files and data.
What type of data backup services do you need?  Do you know if your company data is being backed up continously?


Natural disasters, hacking, hardware failures, theft, and viruses are few of the several reasons your business is in danger if you do not have any type of backup Services in place to protect your data and infrastructure.

With Business Disaster Recovery (BDR) from ZZ Computer, you will be able to have an exact duplicate or mirror drive; with the operating system, all software programs, files, and data intact. If your existing production server fails, you can be assured that we have you protected, both online and offline. Business Disaster Recovery technology was only available to large enterprise companies a few years ago due to the very high cost and constant maintenance. This indispensable technology is now available and affordable for small to medium size companies. Your backups can be secure with ZZ Computer’s BDR plan. Do not wait until disaster strikes, and it is too late!
We advise you to perform a backup test. Take your server offline during a period that is not critical to your daily operation, and ask your IT Department to restore all of your software programs, and data files within a 24 hour period or less. There is a very good chance that you would not be operational for several days. Reloading Operating Systems and software programs on a standby server can take days. And the Million Dollar question is… can your IT specialist restore your data to the standby server without any problems? What if you don’t have a standby server?



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Basic Package
per month per device
20GB of Backup Storage
Local backup
Cloud backup
Full encryption during transport
One year retention