Myths About Technology

ZZ Computer Technology Myth and Facts

Myth 1: The Internet and the (WWW) World Wide Web are the same thing.
Fact 1: Most of us assume that the Internet and the Web or WWW are the same. And although they do exist side by side, they are actually different. Here is the simple explanation. The Internet is the physical hardware that connects all the devices required to give you access to the web and the WWW is how all this great information is exchanged using URL links and browsers like Safari, Chrome, Edge, Opera and Firefox, etc.

Myth 2: I use very strong passwords so I am protected
Fact 2: Strong passwords are good, but they will not always prevent hackers from stealing your passwords. Security experts recommend using two-factor authentication. So even if hackers get your passwords, 2-step verification will prevent them from getting access to your accounts.

Myth 3: If I turn off the GPS on my cell phone, no one can track me.
Fact 3: This does not prevent tracing 100%. Your Cell phone’s built-in location service is just one way data can be collected. Your phone also connects to cell towers, Wi-Fi, and public networks, and these connections also allow tracking. If you want to eliminate tracking, turn off your cell phone.

Myth 4: Senior Citizens rarely use the Internet
Fact 4: The Boomers II generation; or Generation Jones, from 1955 to 1965 are all pretty tech savvy. Seniors over the age of 55 are the 2nd most active demographic after the 16-24 year old generation. Senior citizens have the time and resources to use the Internet as opposed to the 25-35 year old Millenials that spend the least amount of time on the Internet because of busy careers, starting families, or both.

Myth 5: I use Private Browsing so no one can track me
Fact 5: Chrome Incognito, Firefox Private Browsing, and Edge InPrivate are not really private. These browsers do not collect or save any history to your computer, however you may be surprised to find out that websites, search engines, Internet service providers, and governments can still easily track you across the web. If you thought that private browsing is private,  you’re not alone, 67% of people who use private browsing believe that private browsing is… well private! If you want true anonymous browsing, use Tor, Epic, SRWare Iron, or Comodo Dragon. These browsers claim to offer true privacy.

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