It’s more important today that companys install video security.  The increase in vandalism, theft, and assault in recent years has seen the unprecedented rise in the installation of CCTV security systems in the United States, and especially in the Los Angeles area.
CCTV Services security systems not only act as a deterrent, they are also the perfect monitoring tool. CCTV surveillance has been instrumental in bringing thousands of criminals to justice. They offer you, your company’s staff, and your customers peace of mind, especially in places such as car parks, dimly lit areas, and other places where people feel vulnerable.
We offer a wide range of Axis Communication CCTV cameras, as well as video encoders, video management software, camera applications, and a large selection of accessories. We can design a customized CCTV security system to fit any size budget, and we have the professional expertise to recommend the exact product and system for your specific needs. We can deliver an integrated CCTV solution for any challenge you may face, from single cameras, to multi-level surveillance, and remote management. Give us the opportunity to show you how cost effective a CCTV System can be, and have the peace of mind in knowing your property is safe and secure.
ZZ Computer is an Authorized Axis Communication Partner, and an Authorized Milestone Partner. We have professional certification from Axis Communication, and Advanced Certification from Milestone Systems.
Our professional sales staff and technicians are experienced in providing CCTV security services to the greater Los Angeles area. Here are some of the areas we specialize in providing solutions for:
  • Retail Stores
  • Malls
  • Educational Facilities
  • Hospitals & Healthcare Centers
  • The Financial Industry
  • Banks
  • Government Buildings
  • City & Urban Surveillance
  • Industrial Complex Sites
  • Critical Infrastructure
We use the latest CCTV technology available, and use quality products from Axis Communication, and Milestone Systems. We design, build, install, service and repair; cameras, DVRs, networks, systems, and computers. We offer free analysis and free security consultations to help our clients decide the best security solution for their individual business. We can install a single camera system, or custom design a full security system with over 100 cameras. Every installation is important to us, regardless of the size. Our promise is to deliver the highest quality video available.
Our video security services include:
  • Virtual Monitoring
  • DVR Solutions
  • Remote Data Backup and Storage
  • Maintenance and Service Contracts
  • CCTV Products and Services.
  • Confidential Surveys
  • Detailed Quotes
  • Security Consultations
  • Professional Installation and Support by our fully insured and bonded team of qualified technical engineers

If you are interested or if you need more information about this service, please use the contact form to send us your inquiry/message.